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You may always purchase a Portuguese driver’s license from us in only three days. Our driving license business is well-established in Portugal. We have clients who buy Portuguese driving licenses in Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra, Evora, and other European cities outside of Portugal. Another advantage of purchasing a Portuguese driving license from us is that you can always select the category of Portuguese driving license you want to buy. In most circumstances, our clients purchase a Portuguese driver’s license category B. Some clients already have a Portuguese driving license, but we need to improve the category of their driving license so that they can be allowed to drive industrial vehicles.

Buy Portuguese Driving License Online

To obtain a Portuguese driving license online, you do not need to have passed the Portuguese driving test or any other test. It is not even required to take the Portuguese driving exam. Also, we occasionally receive clients whose driver’s licenses have been suspended and who must undergo drug testing and other lengthy procedures. We believe that your Potuguese driver’s license is an extremely vital document. Furthermore, we make it our mission to give any client in need with a registered Portuguese driving license of any category.

When you purchase a Portuguese driving license from us, we will follow a straightforward method to get it to you in only a few days. Our agents will need to collect your essential information in order to register your Portuguese driving license. Our agents may demand the following information from you: your photo, a photo of your signature, a photo of your ID or passport or any other kind of identification, your postal address, and an email address.All other personal information needed for you to buy your Russian driving license such as date of birth and names will be extracted correctly from the photo of the id document your provide.

After you provide the information, you just have to wait and get updates on the production of your Portuguese driving license until it is delivered to you successfully within 3 to 5 days.



The age restrictions for the most common types of licence in Portugal are as follows:

AM (mopeds with a design speed of over 25 Km/h and under 45 Km/h): 16 years
A1 (motorcycles with a cylinder capacity not exceeding 125cc): 18 years
A2: (motorcycles not exceeding 35 kW): 20 years
B1 (four-wheeled light vehicles): 18 years
B (cars), 18 years
C1 (medium-sized vehicles) 18 years
Portugal driving licences for A- and B-class vehicles are valid for 15 years from their date of issue. C-class and D-class licences are valid for five years from their date of issue. From the age of 65 onwards, drivers with Portugal -issued licences must undergo health checks in order for the driving licence to remain valid, and must renew their licence every two years. The test itself does not need to be retaken.