Buy Ukrainian Driver’s License

Buy a Ukrainian Drivers License

Ukrainians can now Buy Ukraine drivers License without exam and drive legally. This safes time and money. In addition, you can also Buy Ukraine drivers license and change it in other EU Countries. you have to pass two state tests; a written test (PC test at DAI) and a driving test. Normally, You have learn to drive at a driving school or with a trainer for at least two months before you can show proof and apply for your Ukraine drivers license . In contrast, you can Buy Ukrainian driver’s license from us today and skip the lengthy process of attending a driving school. Couple with that, you also Save time and hassle by obtaining your license directly from our reliable service. 


Normally in Ukraine, Getting all the divers License categories can not take you less than 3 years. This is because some drivers license categories require age differences. More over, when you take category B, you must make at least a year before take category C and heavier trucks. Alternatively, If you order from Authentic documents, you will have the chance to have all your Categories at once. We will back date your test date and make it suite the appropriate time of when you took the drivers license test. Furthermore, this proves that we can safe your time and more if you order from us.

UKRAIN driving license categories

  • Class AM license (moped and smaller 2 or 3-wheeled vehicles)
  • Class A, A1, and A1 license (motorcycles, three-wheeled vehicles)
  • Class B, BE, and B1 license (motor vehicles)
  • Class C, C1, C1E, and CE license (large g
  • oods vehicles)
  • Category D (buses)

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There are many reasons why someone in Ukraine might want to get a driver’s license, such as:
 Legal driving: In Ukraine, if you have a valid driver’s license, you can legally drive on the roads and highways. Consequently you don’t have to worry about fines, charges, or other legal effects.

Convenience: Owning a car and having a driver’s license can make transportation easier and give you more options. You can travel on your own and go to places that may not be easy to get to with public transportation.
Some jobs in Ukraine, like delivering packages or driving a taxi, require a legal driver’s license. Having a driver’s license can help you get a job and give you more job possibilities.
 International recognition: A Ukrainian driver’s license is valid in many countries around the world. This makes it easy to rent a car or drive in other countries without having to get an International Driving Permit. 
buying a driver’s license from us can be a big step in a person’s personal growth because it gives them a sense of freedom and self-reliance.