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To apply for a new ID card, renew an existing one, or have your name changed on an ID card, there is typically a nonrefundable charge. Under certain conditions, the cost might be waived or lowered:

ID card with reduced application fee: If you fulfill the income requirements for some governmental or nonprofit assistance programs, you may be able to pay a reduced application fee for an original ID card or a renewal of an existing one. The program will provide you with a completed Verification for Reduced Fee Identification Card (DL 937) form to bring to the DMV office if you are eligible. Contact the local public assistance program organization to learn more about the requirements for eligibility and how to get a DL 937.

No-fee ID card: If you meet the McKinney-Vento Act’s definition of a “homeless person,” you may be eligible for a no-fee ID card. This covers, among other things, homeless children and young people, homeless people, and people or families escaping sexual assault, domestic abuse, dating violence, stalking, or any other serious, life-threatening situation.

Senior ID card: You must be at least 62 years old to be eligible for a senior citizen ID card, which is free of charge.

Timelines and specifications

The requirement for REAL ID goes into force on May 7, 2025. After the deadline, you can still change your license or ID to REAL ID at a Secretary of State office.

To become REAL ID-compliant, you are not obliged to modify your ID or license. On the other hand, starting in May 2025, you will have to show a REAL ID when you:

Take a domestic flight in the United States.
Step inside a nuclear power plant or military facility.
Go to specific federal buildings.
You are already in compliance with REAL ID laws if you possess a current, valid Michigan upgraded license or ID, a valid U.S. passport, or a DHS Trusted Traveler’s card.