Buy Canadian Residence Permit


For most foreigners, obtaining a Canadian Permanent Residence card is a source of pride. If you wish to purchase a Canadian permanent residency permit, this is the website for you. Here, we’ll discuss the benefits of obtaining a resident visa in Canada and provide you with actual case studies. We will also advise you on how to apply for a business immigration residence visa in Canada and determine whether you are the most qualified applicant. For a Canadian permanent residence card (PRC) without having to go through immigration procedures, get in touch with us right now.



Numerous rights and obligations are shared by holders of Canadian Permanent Resident permits with those of Canadian citizens. However, this also includes the freedom to reside, work, and pursue education in any Canadian province or territory. Furthermore, permanent residents get many of the same social benefits as citizens of Canada. For example, they can enroll in the Canada Pension Plan and receive coverage under their province’s or territory’s universal health care program.

The protections, liberties, and rights outlined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms are available to all permanent residents. Nonetheless, certain rights are restricted to citizens alone. Furthermore, because of its rapid growth, a lot of people are aware that Canada is a wonderful area to raise a family.


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Having a residency card from Canada has numerous advantages.

There are several benefits to possessing a Permanent Resident Card (PR Card), often known as a Canadian residence card. The following are some of the most significant ones:

Live and work in Canada. You are free to live and work in Canada for as long as you choose if you are a permanent resident. Additionally, you are free to depart and return to Canada at any time as long as you fulfill the requirements.