Buy Hungarian Residence Permit

Make sure you possess the necessary documentation to back up your application for a residence permit in Hungary:

Valid Passport: Verify that your passport is up to date and still valid for the length of time you plan to remain there.
Proof of Financial Means: Provide pertinent documentation, such as bank statements or work contracts, to support your claim that you are able to sustain yourself financially in Hungary.
Health Insurance: Present documentation of current, Hungary-valid health insurance.
Proof of Accommodation: Provide documentation, such as a lease or a letter of accommodation, attesting to your residency in Hungary.
Completed Application Form: The cornerstone of your properly filled-out application for a resident permit.
A contract for professional services, a personal service contract, or a document proving the work relationship can all be used to confirm residency for the purpose of employment.


Hungary issues different types of residency permits and licenses based on individual circumstances. The most important Hungarian residence permits include:

  • Residence permit for employment
  • Residence permit for Guest Investors (Golden Visa)
  • Residence permit for Guest Self-Employed (business visa via company formation)
  • Residence permit for family unification
  • Residence permit for research
  • Residence permit to study
  • Residence permit for voluntary and social activities
  • Resident permit for medical treatments
  • Visas for seasonal workers

You shall submit your application to the Hungarian Consulate in your country of residence. Hungarian residence permit processing time is quite fast compared to some other EU members. The entire process takes 21 days as per the Hungarian immigration law. However due to the huge number of the submitted applications, sometimes it takes 60 days to get the final approval from the Immigration Office.