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Getting a Lithuanian driving licence

Getting a Lithuanian driving licence is easy and budget-friendly. The price range for different categories can vary, starting from €300 and going up to €550. Applicants must meet certain requirements, such as passing a medical exam, completing a driving school course, and successfully passing both theory and practical tests. The Lithuanian driving licence offers various categories, such as A for motorcycles, B for cars, C for trucks, D for buses, and their respective subcategories. By meeting all necessary requirements and carefully choosing the right category, you can ensure a seamless application process. Begin your path to legal driving in Lithuania today with US!

How to get an International Driving License in Lithuania?

The International Driving License is a translation of the national driving license into many languages. The first ID cards appeared in 1926 after the Paris International Convention relative to Motor Traffic. The International Driver’s License was also influenced by two other conventions in 1949 and 1968. The International Driving Permit is the same as the International Driving License.

Getting an International Driver’s License in Lithuania while you are in Lithuania if you have a valid Lithuania national driver’s license. If you are only planning to visit Lithuania, you can contact the competent authority in your country. If you are already traveling and do not have an IDL, the only option is to have your national driving license translated online. This is a faster, more convenient and easier way to continue to drive when you travel.

We remind you that an International Driver’s License is valid only with a valid national license.

How to get International Driving Permit online?

Simply and quickly
To get the International Driving Permit online, you should apply and then fill out the form for which you need to give us:
  • 1 .A photo of your valid domestic driving license
  • 2 .Your personal data
  • 3 .A photo of yourself
  • 4 .Your signature (scan or photo it)

Our services will not cost you a fortune.
Get an International Driving Permit (IDP) now and travel easily.