Buy Greek Driver’s Licence

Greek Driver's License. How much greek driver's license. convert Greek license
Greek Driver's License. How much greek driver's license. convert Greek license
driving license in Greece. Cost of Greek driving license.

The Greek government grants a driving licence to individuals who request a licence for any desired category. Every type of motorised vehicle requires it. The minimum age to obtain a Greek driver’s license is: 16 years for a motorcycle, 18 yeart as for a car, and 21 years for buses and cargo vehicles . 

Do you need to Obtain or buyconvert Greek license? You are at the right place. We can aget you a registered Greek licence at a very affordable costGreek driving license validity for category C- and D-class licences last five years.

You must have a valid Greece driver’s licence (Άδεια oδήγησης/Adeia odigisis) to drive in Greece. You must carry the licence on all journeys, and you must present it on demand by law enforcement officials. The minimum age to drive a car on the roads is 18 years.

Some foreigners in Greece must exchange their license for a Greek one, some may make the exchange if they wish, while others may not exchange their licence and will need to take a full driving test (theory and practical) in order to get a Greece driver’s license.

Greek Driving License Cost

How much greek driver’s licence? the cost of obtaining a Greek driving license can vary depending on the type of license and the driving school chosen for training. On average, the total cost ranges from 1,000 to 1,500 Euros. It is recommended to inquire about the specific fees at different driving schools to find the best option that fits your budget and needs. Checking current pricing ensures accurate financial planning for obtaining a Greek driving license.

Greek Driving License requirements

To obtain a Greek driver’s licence for either a vehicle or motorbike, applicants must complete a certain amount of formal instruction, both theoretical and practical, as well as pass theoretical and practical written tests. Only qualified teachers can provide driving and theory lessons, so enrolment at a driving school is essential.

While lessons are available in English, the actual tests are in Greek. However, only a minimal knowledge of Greek is required to take the test.

If the applicant changes residence prior to the completion of the application process, all paperwork is transferred to the relevant issuing office.

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The age restrictions for the most common types of licence in Greece are as follows:

AM (mopeds with a design speed of over 25 Km/h and under 45 Km/h): 16 years
A1 (motorcycles with a cylinder capacity not exceeding 125cc): 18 years
A2: (motorcycles not exceeding 35 kW): 20 years
B1 (four-wheeled light vehicles): 18 years
B (cars), 18 years
C1 (medium-sized vehicles) 18 years
Greek driving licences for A- and B-class vehicles are valid for 15 years from their date of issue. C-class and D-class licences are valid for five years from their date of issue. From the age of 65 onwards, drivers with Greek-issued licences must undergo health checks in order for the driving licence to remain valid, and must renew their licence every two years. You must not take the course again.