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Many Immigrants go into Europe through Spain, and to live freely, you have to buy Spanish residence Permit. It is a fact that immigrating to a foreign country requires documentation and bureaucracy. If you have decided to start a new life in Spain, packed your belongings, and located a place to live, the first step is to register for a residence permit. Authentic documents will Guarantee you legal Spanish documents.

It is essential to distinguish a residence permit from a short-stay or Schengen visa. A residence permit grants you the right to live and, in some circumstances, work in Spain, whereas a Schengen visa only allows you to remain as a visitor for up to 90 days. Express Personal Documents is here to make the process of obtaining a Spanish Residence Permit much simpler and more affordable for you. This is so that you can avoid some of the arduous bureaucratic obstacles you would otherwise have to overcome. Contact Us


There are two kinds of Spanish residence permits. Throughout the years, we have had patrons who have come for either one or the other. Express personal Documents is the finest online service for acquiring registered Spanish Residency permits online. Below are the two most common forms of Spanish residency permits, the second of which is our preferred option.

⦁ Temporary residence
  As its name implies, a temporary residence permit allows foreign nationals to reside and work in Spain for a limited time (more than 90 days but less than five years).

⦁ Permanent or long-term abode
This permit enables expatriates to reside and work under the same conditions as Spanish nationals. 

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 Typically, the Spanish Government requires more than three months to execute your application for a Spanish residence permit. In the event that you are granted a Spanish residence permit, there is no assurance that it will be renewed at the conclusion of the stipulated period (typically five years).
Alternatively, if you purchase a Spanish residence permit from us, you will receive it within four business days. You can study and work in Spain with a valid Spanish residence permit. 

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