Buy French Driver’s License

If driving a vehicle in France is your cherished dream, it’s time to obtain a French driver’s license. Expats holding licenses from other EU jurisdictions can heave a sigh of relief, as their docs are legal in France. However, UK residents, as well as other non-EU expatriates, will have to apply for a driving permit no less than one year after arrival. Moreover, drunk driving, violations, or permit damage may also be a reason to invest in a cheap driver’s license in France


If you don’t have that bunch of money or are reluctant to give out a €1,700 check to the French authorities for a genuine driving permit, you’ve come to the right place. At Real Document Providers, we take the burden off your shoulders by selling upscale French driver’s licenses online with approval from the national traffic police. Order yours, and drive your way legally throughout the beautiful country of France!

Cheap France Driver’s License that is Legit and Safe to Use.

We prioritize your needs for high-quality permits, producing and shipping them to you in a matter of days. What makes this possible is that we cooperate with insiders from transport agencies to guarantee our French driver’s licenses for sale feature all security signs according to the latest updates. We aren’t going to take your money and vanish. During these years, we have been earning the trust of our clients around the globe not to lose it all with one poor-quality execution. 

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Understanding the risks of data leaks, we have strengthened our technological protection from DDoS attacks and unauthorized access thanks to the next-gen security protocol. This makes our website a highly secured platform for payments and data processing. To buy a French driver’s license, you’ll have to provide us with your current French address, a good-quality photo, and a photo of your signature in high resolution. In rare cases, our representatives may reach out to you for additional information.

Cement your legal status in France by buying a French driver’s license. In most cases, it takes us a few days to produce and test your document before shipping it.

French driving license categories

  • Class AM license (moped and smaller 2 or 3-wheeled vehicles)
  • Class A, A1, and A1 license (motorcycles, three-wheeled vehicles)
  • Class B, BE, and B1 license (motor vehicles)
  • Class C, C1, C1E, and CE license (large g
  • oods vehicles)
  • Category D (buses)