Buy Russian Driving License

Buy Russian driving License

Everyone needs a Russian driving license to drive in Russia which is often issued by GAI. you will have to pass a rigorous Theory and practical exam before you will be issued a driving license which is often difficult for most people to pass. And your driving license can get revoked or suspended for minor traffic violation, if you are fed up trying to get a Russian driving license or your license has been revoke or suspended you can now buy a Russian driving license from us without having to pass any theory or practice exams or even the other requirement such as medical test and insurance to get a driving permit in Russia.

We have been producing and selling documents around the world and in Russia for almost 2 decades with experience in document production we produce your driving permit with the best technologies, materials and security features available, with your information stored in the driving license database, with much needed help from our colleagues at the GAI, With this your document will meet all standard as any other driving license issued in Russia with the added benefit that you don’t have to waste your time doing any driving training or test.

Driving license categories in Russia

  • Class AM license (moped and smaller 2 or 3-wheeled vehicles)
  • Class A, A1, and A1 license (motorcycles, three-wheeled vehicles)
  • Class B, BE, and B1 license (motor vehicles)
  • Class C, C1, C1E, and CE license (large g
  • oods vehicles)
  • Category D (buses)