Buy Italian Boat License

Which boat license to choose?

Which boat license category should I pick out of all the ones available? Apart from categories C and D and in addition to one’s health situation, it naturally depends on one’s ambitions. Go for a category A “no limits” license if your cruise itinerary calls for lengthy transfers and crossings.

Nonetheless, it is important to remember that even sailing “within 12 miles” is respectable around our coasts because of the large number of islands that rise next to the mainland. Alternatively, there is category B, which is for people who wish to command big ships. To put it briefly, there’s something for everyone. Respecting the rules is what matters most.

In Italy, a nautical license—a document that attests to the authority to operate specific categories of pleasure craft—is a prerequisite for sailing and engaging in what is known as “boating.” The Boating Code states that several kinds of permits are required based on the kind of boating you plan to conduct and the boat or vessel you use.