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The Portuguese Electronic Passport (PEP) is an individual travel document that grants its holder entry and exit privileges in both national and recognized international territories.

Who is eligible to apply?

The application for a standard passport must be submitted in person by the applicant.

Applicants are required to present a valid and up-to-date identification document, such as an Identity Card or Citizen Card.

In the case of minors, the application for the passport is initiated by those with parental authority, necessitating the presence of the minor during the application process.

For disabled citizens, the passport application is facilitated by those with guardianship or custody responsibilities.

What is required?

The application for a standard passport necessitates the submission of the following documents:

  1. Valid Identity Card or Citizen Card
  2. Previous passport

Additionally, scheduling an appointment through the online platform is a prerequisite for the application process. Online appointments can be made through the official scheduling platform.

Note: If your Citizen Card has expired, even if your passport remains valid, it is essential to renew your Citizen Card.



The provisional passport serves as an individual travel document, facilitating the movement of the passport holder to and from the national territory, particularly in situations of urgency where obtaining a regular passport is not a viable option. This unique travel document, valid for a period ranging from 6 months to 1 year, is granted under exceptional circumstances, subject to prior authorization.

Initiating the application process for a provisional passport involves the submission of various essential documents:

a) Provision of two passport-sized photographs featuring the facial profile of the applicant.

b) Completion of a thorough and duly filled-out application form designed specifically for the provisional passport.

c) Presentation of documentation verifying the legal authority exercised by the applicant, whether it be parental authority, guardianship, or custody, particularly crucial when the provisional passport is intended for use by a minor, someone under legal restrictions, or an individual with special needs.

d) Furnishing evidence of a previously filed request for an identity card, coupled with the submission of supporting documents that substantiate the urgent and exceptional nature of the application.

It is important to underscore that the issuance of a provisional passport is not a routine procedure and is reserved for circumstances requiring immediate attention. The meticulous presentation of the specified documents, along with comprehensive justifications for urgency, forms the basis for the exceptional consideration and approval of the provisional passport application. This nuanced approach ensures that the provision of this temporary travel document aligns seamlessly with the critical and time-sensitive needs of the passport applicant.