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Providing passports (for individuals aged 18 and above).

The German biometric passport has a validity period of 6 years for applicants  under 24 years of age, while for individuals aged 24 and above, the validity extends to 10 years.

It’s essential to note that German biometric passports are not eligible for extension. Once they expire, individuals must initiate a new passport application. It’s crucial to be aware that the renewal process requires the submission of all necessary documents listed below. Please ensure thorough adherence to these requirements for each application:

  • Proof of identity
  • Passport-sized photographs
  • Supporting documents verifying personal details
  • Application form completion
  • Any additional documentation specified by the passport office

Kindly be advised that failure to submit the required documents may result in processing delays or complications with the passport renewal procedure. Your cooperation in providing accurate and complete information is highly appreciated to ensure a smooth application process.

Passports for individuals below the age of 18.

Commencing from January 1, 2024, it becomes mandatory for parents or legal guardians to initiate the application process for a biometric passport on behalf of their children under the age of 12. Notably, passports granted to individuals below 24 years of age maintain a validity period of six years.

To complete the application, both parents or all legal guardians, along with the child, are required to be physically present at the designated German mission. Prior to this, it is essential to schedule an appointment. Alternatively, applicants may explore the option of applying for a passport at select honorary consuls’ offices.

Please be mindful that when opting for the honorary consul’s office, payment methods and associated processing fees may differ from those at the embassy or consulate general. 

The actual production of passports takes place at the Federal Printing Office in Berlin, with an estimated processing duration of approximately 6 to 8 weeks. It is worth noting that if a name declaration is necessitated (details outlined below), the processing timeline may be notably extended.

During the application processing period, applicants are permitted to retain their existing passport, provided it remains valid, granting flexibility for essential travels.

For individuals undergoing their initial passport application, it’s crucial to be aware that certain cases may require the completion of a name declaration before proceeding with the passport application process.

  1. 1
    Can I keep my previous passport during the application process?

    Yes, you can retain your previous passport if it is still valid, providing flexibility for necessary travels.

  2. 2
    What is the significance of a name declaration in the passport application process?

    In certain cases, a name declaration may be required before initiating the passport application, ensuring accuracy and legitimacy.

  3. 3
    What documents are typically required for a German passport application for individuals under 18?

    Commonly required documents include proof of identity, passport-sized photographs, and relevant supporting documents for personal details.

  4. 4
    Are there specific regulations for passport photos, and where can I get them taken?

    Passport photos must adhere to specific guidelines. Many photography studios, post offices, and even automated photo booths provide suitable passport photos.

  5. 5
    What steps should I take if my passport is lost or stolen while traveling abroad?

    If your passport is lost or stolen, contact the nearest German embassy or consulate immediately for guidance on obtaining a replacement.