Buy Dutch Residence Permit

Applying for a residence permit

A residence permit is required for many foreign nationals who wish to stay and work in the Netherlands (for longer than ninety days). The kind of application you need to file relies on your nationality and the reasons behind your move to the Netherlands, including family, career, education, or other factors.

Motives behind requesting a residency permit
There are numerous justifications for wanting to live in the Netherlands. Selecting the reason that best suits your circumstances is crucial, as it will determine which permission application you ultimately file.

Why are you visiting the Netherlands?
The following are the primary motives for requesting residency in the Netherlands:

as a family member, partner, or spouse (if single).
either as a self-employed person or as an employee.
as a highly qualified immigrant or researcher in science.
as a pupil in a university or other type of higher learning establishment.
as a pupil in a technical or secondary school.
in an orientation year as a recent graduate.
as a component of a working holiday or exchange program.
in the capacity of an au pair.
as a citizen of Turkey.

Requirements for a residence permit in the Netherlands

The prerequisites for obtaining a residence permit in the Netherlands differ significantly according on the purpose of your application and the form you submit. For instance, the prerequisites for a highly skilled immigrant entering the Netherlands differ significantly from those for a family member applying.

You can consult the IND to see which requirements apply to your particular situation. Applications for INDs also include a list of requirements.