Purchase Austrian Boat License

Depending on the type of boat they plan to operate and the jurisdiction in which they plan to operate it, people can earn a variety of boating licenses or certifications. Here are a few instances:

1. Personal Watercraft License (PWC): In order to operate jet skis or other comparable personal watercraft, this license is needed.

2. An operator’s license is a fundamental license that enables individuals to operate small recreational boats or yachts, typically with greater horsepower or length.

3. Driver’s license (CDL): People who operate boats or other watercraft for business uses, such fishing or boating, must possess this license.

4. Boat Support: Various forms of boat support are provided by some authorities. Typically, this assistance includes expertise and abilities unique to sailing. 5. Inland or Coastal Water Permits: Operating in inland waterways (lakes, rivers, etc.) and coastal waters (seas, harbors, etc.) may require a different license depending on the region.


Types of certificates of qualification

  • cruising range 1 – coastal navigation up to 3 nautical miles (craft: max 10 meters in lenght)
  • cruising range 2 – coastal navigation  up to 20 nautical miles
  • cruising range 3 – coastal navigation  up to 200 nautical miles
  • cruising range 4 – valid for worldwide navigation