Buy Czech Republic Residence Permit

What advantages come with a residency permit for the Czech Republic?

Obtaining a residence visa for the Czech Republic has several advantages, the primary one being the ability to live legally within the European Union.

You can travel without a visa throughout the Schengen area and other EU countries if you have a residency permit.

Living in the Czech Republic puts you essentially in the middle of Europe, with most cities only two or three hours away at most.

Additionally, compared to many western EU countries, you can enjoy a great standard of living at a significantly lesser cost.

The Czech Republic is the ideal location for anyone wishing to launch a business in the European Union. Its tax rate is low, particularly in comparison to more established EU members like Germany or France.

How can I obtain a Czech Republic resident permit?

You must need a residence permit in order to live in the Czech Republic. The Czech embassy in your nation can help you with this. You can now live and work in the Czech Republic as a result.

A six-month temporary resident permit is required to begin the process. After then, it is possible to extend it for an additional two years.

You can then submit an application for a permanent residency visa after five years.

You also need to submit biometric information in order to be granted a long-term residency permit. After that, you’ll receive a permit to live there permanently. This unique biometric card serves as documentation for permanent residency within the European Union.

How do I become a Czech resident?

There are currently three types of residence permit available, listed by difficulty below:

  1. Work permit
  2. Single entrepreneur residence permit
  3. Business Visa

All three residence permits allow you to obtain citizenship at a later date if you so choose.