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Applying for a Dutch passport from overseas involves the following process:

You can apply for a Dutch passport at the Dutch consulate or embassy in your home country if you are a Dutch citizen residing overseas. To apply for a passport, you must schedule an appointment, complete the passport application form (paspoortaanvraagformulier), and bring the form and any other paperwork to the embassy or consulate.

A Dutch passport obtained overseas takes several weeks to arrive since the necessary paperwork needs to be generated and transported from the Netherlands. Should more details be needed, the procedure may take even longer. Therefore, it is advisable to apply for a passport well in advance of the day on which any travel authorization or itinerary is set to expire.

Additionally, certain Dutch municipalities allow foreign nationals to apply for a new Dutch passport by mail, with significantly reduced costs.

Benefits of having a Dutch passport

The Dutch passport is regarded as one of the world’s most powerful passports, granting entry to 171 countries without the need for a visa. A Dutch passport allows you to freely travel and reside in other European Union nations. See our Dutch citizenship page for more information on the other perks of having a Dutch passport.

Can I renew my Dutch passport?

It is not feasible to “renew” a Dutch passport; instead, you must request a new one using the aforesaid procedure. If you have dual nationality, it is critical that you obtain a new Dutch passport before your current one expires. Otherwise, you risk losing your Dutch nationality.

Documents necessary for a passport application

When you attend the gemeente, bring the following with you:

A recent passport photo that fulfills the stringent photo standards (in Dutch).
Documents proving your identification and Dutch nationality, such as your current or expired passport, identity card, or, in some situations, Dutch nationality certificate (bewijs van Nederlanderschap).

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