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Security features of a Belgian Driver’s License


-Location: On the front the UV motif shows two images of the Belgian coat of arms separated by three lines of text ‘BELGIE BELGIQUE BELGIEN BELGIUM’.


Characteristics: The photo is protected by a hologram consisting of two transparent images. The shape and colour of the image change depending on the angle of incidence

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-Characteristics: Elements are printed with an ink that fluoresces blue under UV light. They are only visible under ultraviolet light


Characteristics: Two images (passport photo and part of the driving licence number). This is a variable laser image (changeable laser image) .


Contact us now to Buy Belgian drivers license. A Belgian driver’s license is one of the most difficult documents to obtain. However, this may sound banal and not immediately apparent. The country’s unwavering commitment is to restrict the ease with which nationals and foreigners flood Belgian roads. Similarly, This strategy makes the procedure for obtaining a frighteningly difficult:

Theory exam with more points deducted for errors than ever before 
Temporary license for supervised driving instruction.
Driving examination administered on a public road.
Classes that must be completed within nine months of license issuance. Some requirements for obtaining a driver’s license in Belgium and in other countries are identical. However, Belgium makes additional efforts to increase the difficulty of its theory examinations and increase the number of behind-the-wheel hours required during the education phase. 
Probably for this reason, every other candidate in Belgian testing centers is required to renew their courses or pay extra for more practical instruction. Furthermore, Despite Belgium’s harsh approach to issuing new driver’s licenses, you don’t have to do it the difficult way.
 It is simpler to acquire an inexpensive Belgium driver’s license without taking a theory exam, submitting an application for a provisional permit, or combating your nerves during the practical exam. Real Document Providers eliminates the need for review courses, which is a huge relief for every student! Contact us now to place an Order.

To buy the driving license online, customers send us their details and signature, which are required for the registration of the driving license

The processing fee is paid before a customer’s file is processed and the license is printed to build trust between customers.

Before delivery, an image or video will be sent to the client as proof of creation and confirmed by the client.

The customer sends the remaining payment along with his mailing address where he will receive a driver’s license.


Are you uncertain of your ability to manage test-related anxiety? Do you have an ocular condition that could hinder your prospects of obtaining a Belgian driver’s license? Don’t have time for the deluge of lessons, exams, and the instructor’s impromptu remarks? In either case, purchasing a Belgian driver’s license online may be the finest thing you can do today. 

We can produce Category B licenses and others. Also, Yours will include your name, photograph, and authorization level for the necessary vehicle model. It will be registered with pertinent identity and driving education information within the Belgian national system, ensuring that your license meets all of your requirements.

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Frequently asked questions about Belgium driver's license

You can take the theoretical exam in Dutch (in Flanders, Brussels), in French (in Wallonia, Brussels) or with the help of a sworn interpreter in German or English. To learn how to drive a car, you can choose between a free course with a provisional driving licence or a course at a driving school.

Practical training There are four possible training paths. Private training: minimum nine months of training with a guide before you can take the practical test. Ages 17 and above. Combination of private training and driving school: minimum 14 hours of driving school, minimum six months of training with a guide.

Driving with a non-European national driving licence before or during the first 185 days of registration in Belgium. If you have not yet been registered in Belgium for 185 days, you may drive with: a valid recognised international driving licence (Vienna and Geneva Conventions) that is not a Belgian driving licence.

Belgium has three types of driving licenses: Belgian, EU (a driving license obtained in one of the EU member states), and third-country (obtained in countries outside the EU).

When driving in Belgium, you must carry a valid driver’s license from your home country, proof of vehicle insurance (a green card or an international insurance certificate), vehicle registration documents (V5C logbook or equivalent), a reflective vest and a warning triangle to be used in case of an accident or …